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My personal projects and tasks:

Find Missing Assets

This is a simple application that I created to help with my daily duties at my current job. It is designed to work specifically with data tables exported from two different asset management platforms (SAP system and the Geographic Information System). The application allows you to load these tables, generate a new field by combining two columns, and perform a comparison based on a preselected method. Finally, it checks for any differences between the tables. If any differences are found, a new table is generated and saved. I used Tkinter Bootstrap for the design layout.

python | tkinter | pandas

HEIC/HEIF to JPG Converter

This is a simple application that I wrote for personal use. Due to the app's simplicity, I decided to adopt a functional approach. The purpose of the application is to convert images with .heic/.heif extension into .jpg files, as indicated by its title. The design of the application is created using Custom Tkinter, while Pillow handles the main functionality.

python | tkinter | pillow

Scraping Brands Info

This is a web scraper that extracts company information along with their websites and exports the data into an Excel spreadsheet. Due to the large volume of requests, I have incorporated an option to utilize a proxy server.

python | beautiful soup

Scraping Forex Data

This is a straightforward scraping task that involves extracting forex data, parsing it to CSV file, and saving it. When automated, the script checks for any differences in the data and, if found, overwrites the existing CSV file.

python | beautiful soup | pandas

Jobs Notificator

This is a script that performs web scraping on a job site based on predefined conditions (Python internship listings) and sends me notifications via SMTP when a new job is added. To automate the script, I deployed it on AWS EC2 instance and scheduled it with Cron to run at the end of each workday.

python | beautiful soup | smtp AWS

Emails Scraper (in progress)

This is a scraping script designed to extract emails from a website. It crawls the pages of the input URL and retrieves any emails it discovers. Currently, this is my latest project, and I am still actively working on it. My goal is to develop a Tkinter GUI for the script, as well as incorporate option to test and utilize a proxy server. Additionally, I plan to include a function that allows the user to export the data in various formats.

python | beautiful soup 

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